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For your professional growth, success and fulfilment

Neil ScottonA successful professional coach’s journey has many dimensions. Together we can extend your skills (including mentoring and support towards your ICF ACC and PCC credentials), deepen your client impact, grow your practice, find your voice and build your platform. We can also help gain deeper confidence and have more fun in your work. And most importantly, as it is the bedrock to everything else, this is about your inner journey; you can catch up with who you now are, find answers to the niggling and sometime embarrassing questions, understand and untangle what’s going on inside so that you can enjoy the joys and handle the challenges that come with being a successful world class coach. Over 13 years I’ve had the honour and pleasure of working with extraordinary coaches around the world as they take their work, and themselves, to the next level.
Janet HarveyNo matter how dedicated I am to my own inner work, it cannot replace the value of a partner who is able to see my blind spots, to celebrate what I take for granted, to challenge what I assume mistakenly matters or doesn’t. The time and quality of relationship is priceless. You make our time together all about me. Compassionate, accepting, safe and inspiring.”

Janet M Harvey, Master Certified Coach, President & Director of Training inviteCHANGE, LLC Washington State, USA, Immediate Global Past President – International Coach Federation

Judit Chrenóczy-NagyI contacted Neil when I had an obstruction in my professional life. We agreed that we would have three sittings.

I remember our first virtual meeting clearly: I saw a smiling face with a warm and encouraging attitude. This smile and support escorted my whole internal journey.

All sessions were extremely transformational. I felt that these sittings were a 3 in 1: we covered at least 3 aspects of my topic in a profound way. My specific issue was just the starting point of our discussions; very soon we talked about my core values, my drivers and my blind spots.

Neil never judged me, I always felt safe and – as he called – I could be real during these conversations. We could talk about heavy things in a very natural way.

On one hand he let me follow my own train of thoughts (that meant that sometimes I jumped from one topic to another), but at the same time he was very firm on keeping me on track, and ensured that I would not lose sight of my objective and learn my lesson eventually.

I appreciated his eye-opening, straightforward and powerful questions, which shed light on my blind spots and helped me move from my “good old” standpoint to a new perspective. Then I could discover new options and the real freedom of my choices. These discoveries brought healing, understanding and acceptance and filled me with energy at the same time.

Neil is a wonderful person and an extraordinary professional whom it’s great to work with. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to deep dive and who is rather looking for long-lasting impact than just a quick-fix.

It was a privilege to be coached by Neil.

Judit Chrenóczy-Nagy, Business and Executive Coach and Past President of the ICF Hungary

Inna GorbulenkoBeing a coach myself, I really believe that every coach needs to be coached to maintain their professional level and competencies.

I’ve chosen Neil to be my coach after a short correspondence which showed that Neil possessed surprising intuition as he managed to look right at the core of things rather than consider symptoms. I faced a number of professional challenges at the time and really needed more energy and confidence to cope with them.

The coaching process went very smoothly with quite a number of insights. We extensively worked on a number of professional issues as well as values and personal brand. All the findings have been very useful and I still consider them as being fundamental to my current progress.

Neil has got a warm and inspiring personality, his approach is both extremely professional and personal and I really appreciate his support and professionalism.

Inna Gorbulenko, Coach ACC ICF, Founder at Intellio Coaching & Consulting, St.Petersburg, Russia

Paul Austin“Neil is a passionate and exemplary coach and mentor. I felt an immediate connection and empathy. He willingly offers of himself, his knowledge, his experience and his stories. It’s really enjoyable working with him. I was able to mine his coaching and work experience – and he allowed me to do that and offered his responses to me in a kind and gentle way. He mixes clear thinking with a raft of useful answers to my coaching and business development questions. I now have a clear plan for the next steps. Of course, all is now in my hands as to what I do and how I do it, though it is very comforting to know that in Neil I have an accessible, knowledgeable and friendly resource I can turn to in the future.”

Paul Austin

If you are leading or supporting a coaching community…

Neil Scotton of Coaching Professionals audienceI support coaching communities through friendship, connection and sharing, masterclasses, keynote presentations and leadership and team support. Recently that has taken me to Turkey, Russia and the US as well as here in the UK.

TitaniaNeil consistently brings the same values and qualities to all his conversations and events: authenticity, compassion, strategic mindedness, quiet authority and challenge, combined with a genuine depth of knowledge around the process and value of ‘just’ being, ‘just’ listening, ‘just’ being genuinely and deeply curious and ‘just’ sincerely caring about the individuals in front of him. It all adds up to a reliably memorable human inter-action and connection that moves individuals and groups to a new and sustainable place of being.”

Kim Gregory Chair and Co-founder of Guildford Coaches Group

TitaniaKnowing how to build trust is an extremely important capability especially in our region where people have become very cynical and suspicious. Neil always manages to earn that trust and empower people for personal transformation, fulfill their role and develop potential ultimately contributing to a positive change in the society as a whole.”

Tatiana Dremlyuga, MBA, Founder of ICF Latvia

If you’d like your community to connect deeply with each other, their work as coaches, or their potential impact in the world get in touch. I provide masterclasses on coaching skills and techniques; the ‘being’ of coach; tools that solve clients’ most complex problems; helping people connect deeply with their sense of purpose and creation of a legacy to their work and life. I’m also delighted to share and explore the Inner Journey as a coach – how we grow and evolve as people through our coaching work, study and reflection – and how that can shape who we are, what we do and our ability to unlock our own, and others, potential and fulfilment.


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