What a great title. This previous one was called Anger. No flaffing around with the ‘pathologically positive’ that sometimes dominates the self-improvement world. This one is about overcoming fear by mindfulness; being present, in the moment, accepting and enjoying what is and letting go of everything that isn’t. It’s wise, practical, compassionate, and recognises the realities of being human.

I’ve previously read his best seller ‘The Miracle of Mindfulness’, and a simple observation would be that both books have a very simple message: notice your breathing, and wherever you are, be there. And yet…TNH writes in a way that has a beguiling magic about it. In this one he makes a big point of walking meditation, as well as the familiar sitting meditation. And he offers a number of thoughts to link to your breathing. Now, walking in nature and getting regular exercise have been daily habits for me recently, so this fitted beautifully. I adapted my routine and where the schedule allows I now go for a 1 hour early morning walk. And this book has transformed the experience. Taking the basic structure of some his meditations, and ‘riffing’ with things that feel important for me to notice and accept and be at ease with has somehow gently but powerfully transformed how I feel inside. Several times recently I noticed being in situations that could have easily have been tense and inhibiting, and instead feeling really peaceful. As I reflected during a very special recent conversation, it feels as though I’m letting go of the person I thought I wanted to be, and have begun accepting simply who I am. There’s the paradox that so often happens with acceptance – that something fully accepted for being what it is immediately transforms, in a way that trying to force something to change normally results in it being more resistant and immobile.

I’m not sure that this is everyone’s cup of tea, but if life sometimes feels too busy, complicated, confusing, and maybe fearful, this could be just the thing.