At a crossroads

May IrelandThe biggest impact the coaching has had is it’s given me greater self-awareness and through that, greater clarity of what really matters to me both professionally and personally. When starting the coaching journey, it felt right to say ‘yes’ because I knew I was at a crossroads in life. It was important for me to have a ‘sounding board’, someone I could trust implicitly, who had no hidden agenda but just to be there for me on this journey. The coaching journey itself is a space I can truly call my own, where it really is ‘all about me!’

What I appreciate most is the way Neil helps me hold this space. He is insightful, never judging and incredibly thoughtful with his questions. I now have a clarity and a sense of calmness and purpose that I did not possess before.

My advice to anyone considering the coaching is to start the journey! You are reading this because you intuitively sense you need something different to support you to make changes in your life. Neil is that difference.

May Ireland, Performance & Leadership Manager, RBS

Facing multiple challenges

Tony PorterWe are all busy and probably face multiple challenges in juggling our work and home life. Sometimes it seems we have mountains to climb, have a thorny problem that we just can’t resolve or need a strategy for the future.

If you are thinking about coaching don’t put it off. But make sure you work with Neil. He has the remarkable ability to help you discover for yourself in a safe, engaging and positive way, how best to resolve the challenges you are facing.

Over 15 years I have been amazed at how quickly what seemed like a mountain to climb soon feels like a bump in the road. Neil has had a hugely positive impact on my business and personal life.

Tony Porter, Head of Global Marketing, Eckoh UK Limited

Calmer, happier and with a better sense of direction

Nicky ForsythHigh standards, strong principles, a very good listener. The questions that probe deeper than I’d get with others or on my own.  The perceptiveness makes a connection I’d never spotted.  The patience and putting up with all the stupid stuff and still treating me like a human. Your style encourages an honesty and openness which enables our discussions to go wider and deeper than would normally happen in the office. I always come away calmer, happier and with a better sense of direction.”

Nicky Forsyth, Managing Director, MARSC Ltd, Surrey, England

A fundamental decision

Tim RichardsonThis journey of discovery helped me find the real issue. The questions enabled me to look deeper than I was able to myself and find what I was really challenged by. By gradually separating the conflicting pressures I was facing I’m now clearer, more relaxed and more decisive. I will always seek you out if I want to make a fundamental decision.”

Tim Richardson, Managing Director, South East England

Becoming clear with myself

At a point of change in my life and career, this coaching provided me with an increased awareness of who I am, what makes me tick and how to get the most of the road in front of me. It provided me with stable grounding to make clear decisions. For me, it felt like a spring clean.

What I appreciate most is someone to consolidate thoughts with and someone to gently challenge. Having to vocalise my thoughts challenged me to become clear with myself.

Jessica Kane, Management Consulting

Gaining focus and getting things done

Being a little overwhelmed with work and home responsibilities, I hoped that coaching would help me to gain focus and get things done. What I came to value most was the opportunity to state ideas and thoughts out loud to someone that was really listening and not judging or evaluating.

I learned a self-coaching process that has been very helpful to me.  This includes: Making time for quiet reflection. Making a conscious effort to reframe and recycle ideas by trying to look at things from multiple perspectives. Recognizing the importance of the quality of my relationships with others. Focus on the positive.

Taking time to slow down, reflect, and think more deeply about things has been a significant benefit for me.

I often started a session with one idea in mind, but by the end had moved to a much deeper and more useful level of thought… I continue to appreciate what I learned about myself as a result of my work with you.”

Board Director – US based multinational organization
Amazing. Genuinely transformational. I have made a great deal of progress in integrating the different parts of my professional life.”

Judith Mohring, Consultant psychiatrist, London

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